“Dr. Brian” Russell has become one of America’s most recognizable psychologists and lawyers.

He has been a featured expert on multiple national television networks including the Fox News Channel, CNN, HLN, CBS, MSNBC, and the Hallmark Channel since 2006, and he co-hosted the hit series “Fatal Vows” on Investigation Discovery from 2012-2020. He also has been a featured expert on “Dr. Oz,” “Dr. Drew,” and Nancy Grace’s SiriusXM satellite radio show.

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Brian has practiced both clinically and forensically, treating adults and children and serving as an expert in criminal and civil legal matters. As a licensed attorney, he has represented clients in high- and low-profile criminal and civil cases and has served as a mediator, litigation consultant, and advisor to lawmakers on issues involving mental health and crime.

Dr. Brian has written numerous articles on psychological and legal topics as well as the book Stop Moaning, Start Owning: How Entitlement is Ruining America and How Personal Responsibility Can Fix It (HCI Books, 2015). He also has an MBA and serves as a consultant to behavioral-health care and technology companies and investors, family businesses, government and nonprofit agencies, and other types of organizations.

Dr. Brian speaks to a wide variety of audiences about human behavior—how to deter destructive behavior and how to incentivize constructive behavior—integrating his expertise in people, public policy, and productivity.

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